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A Case for Summer Speech Therapy

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Is there anything better than the first few weeks of summer break? The freedom! The slowed pace! The anticipation of activities! It’s tempting to go “cold-turkey” on all things school or speech related. To push it aside and deal with it again come the fall.

I’m all for summer fun. I’d be lying if I claimed to be doing workbooks and flashcards with my own kids;) However, I do caution parents that a 3 month hiatus from speech therapy can be a big step backward. One of the keys in remediating sound errors is consistency. That’s why we see such amazing progress with kiddos that do their home programming between speech sessions!

A break from speech usually comes with the best of intentions: “We will still practice at home!” The problem is, a speech therapist knows how to guide that practice so it is effective and progresses appropriately each week. Many times, students return to school speech having plateaued or even regressed over the summer months. ESPECIALLY if that child is still in the early stages of developing a sound at the single word level and struggles to hear when the sound is correct vs incorrect.

It can be difficult to find speech therapy for just the summer months. Sounds & Smiles is excited to fill that gap and help your child continue making progress on their communication goals. Similar to working out, if you don’t use it, you lose it! If your child has an IEP for articulation impairment, I would encourage you to consider adding speech therapy to your summer plans.


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