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They Will NOT Outgrow It

I overheard someone say, “He’ll outgrow it” about their 10 year old’s speech error. I think that phrase gets thrown around a lot. Most of the time, it can be true. All kids go through phases– from dinosaur obsessions to bedwetting, separation anxiety to clothing choices. Many times they WILL outgrow it.

However, I just want to be clear. If a child is over the age of 8 and has errors on s, r, th, l, consonant blends, stuttering, grammar errors– they will NOT “outgrow it” on their own. They need intervention. Help from someone who has extensively studied how these sounds are made and is trained to teach speech sounds.

Please don’t let these kiddos fall through the cracks. It may not bother them now, but it will impact them eventually.

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