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Praise from Parents

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"Katia is an incredible speech pathologist! She makes speech fun and exciting for my daughter by using a variety of different games! We have seen a lot of progress in the short time we have been going to Katia. The homework she gives my daughter is fun and really makes a difference in how fast we have seen improvement! I highly recommend her, plus she has many options that make therapy convenient for you!"

"Highly recommend. Katia was unfailingly encouraging, kind, and engaged with my 6 year old. She was very focused but also made sure to keep my child's frustration below a manageable level. She was able to very clearly show, explain, and correct sound formation online, resulting in definite improvements to accuracy of speech sounds."

"Katia has helped my son make lasting improvement. She understood our goals, and always provides activities that interest and challenge him. He has already said he'll miss speech with her!"

"We have had two children go through Katia for speech therapy, working with her for a total of four years. Our oldest had a lot of trouble being understood and had to be asked multiple times to repeat herself, making it frustrating for her to have a conversation. She was behind for her age with her sounds. Shortly after starting therapy, her basic sounds started to develop and her speech started to become clearer, and she was having to repeat herself less. Katia focused on developing her basic sounds first and then built up from that foundation until she was caught up for her age. She even went beyond and started working on advanced sounds before graduating from speech. Our son had a lisp that he received therapy for. Each of our kids received the therapy that was specialized for what they needed and progressed at their own rate. They always looked forward to speech days and also enjoyed working on the "homework" they received. Katia makes speech fun and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a speech therapist."

"Katia does an amazing job with my daughter. Her speech has improved so much since she started. I highly recommend her as a speech therapist."

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