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The Importance of Early Language




One-on-One Early Language Sessions

Are you concerned that your child's communication is behind? Meet with Miss Katia to discuss practical ideas to encourage talking. No referral needed! 



Signs & Smiles:
Theme Classes
(LIVE Virtual Meeting)

Tackle a new category of signs based around a language activity (ex: farm, bedtime). Leave with practical activites to do at home to encourage language and practice your new signs!


4 class series: $80





Signs & Smiles: 


For more information about classes, email



When do babies start signing?

Around 8 months. 

Every child is different, but this is a typical time that signs emerge.

Will signs stop my baby from talking?

No--it's the opposite!

Study after study show that signing actually HELPS children learn to talk. More about this at the Introductory Class:)

When should I start signing to my baby?


It is never too early to start encouraging language development. Babies are listening and watching you NOW! 

Do I need to have my baby with me?

Nope- unless you want to!

You are your child's best teacher. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to facilitate your child's language development. Many parents like learning signs during naptime or while baby plays nearby! 

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